Marketing for Scientists

chapter 6

Links for Chapter 6. Archetypes

Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins as the archetypal outlaw

The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through Archetypes

Pearson and Mark’s book about archetypal branding that defines the system of twelve archetypes I’ve used.

Re-Branding Science

A ten-minute video of a talk I gave to a group called “BINA LA” about archetypes and scientists.

Redneck Woman

Gretchen Wilson’s country song about the archetypal everyman/everywoman.

Cosmos: the Introduction

Carl Sagan presents the archetypal innocent.  “Our species is young, and curious, and brave. It shows much promise.”

Sally Ride
Sally Ride, archetypal hero

Nice Girls Don’t Get The Corner Office

Lois Frankel’s book warns us against displaying the caregiver archetype in the workplace.

Caregiver or Hero—Which One Are You? The Archetypal Roles of Women in Science and Academia

Thanks to Frankel, perhaps, women often try to avoid the caregiver archetype at work.  But my surprising survey showed that sometimes they can’t anyway.

Entertainers’ Sticking Up For Science: The Help We’ve Been Pleading For?

Scientific leaders are playing the orphan. Does that kind of brand attract Hollywood philanthropy?


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