Marketing for Scientists

chapter 8

Links for Chapter 8. Our Products: How We Get Job Offers and Funding

The Four P’s of Marketing.  

The traditional marketer had four primary tools: product, price, promotion, and placement.  Now, since the 1990s, marketing gurus have tried to revise the 4 P’s to keep up with new business models, communication channels and customer attitudes.  Here’s one alternative system by Bob Lauterborn and another alternative by Seth Godin.

Is Science Marketing?

Radiohead: In Rainbows
Radiohead's "In Rainbows" album, which the band sold online, telling cutomers to pay what they wanted.

Intriguing article about science by marketing experts J. Paul Peter and Jerry C. Olson.  I disagree with their conclusion that theories are the main product of science. It seems to me that the main product of science is proposals.

The Price of the Ticket

New Yorker Article by John Seabrook about how money is made in the music business.  Recorded music used to be the primary money-making product.  Not anymore.

Recording Artists Who Give Music Away for Free Online

Though this MTV Newsroom article quotes Prince as saying, “the internet is over,” Prince was one of the first artists to embrace e-tailing.

Visibility vs Shameless Self-promotion

Article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that argues: to succeed in academia, promote the idea, not yourself.


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