Marketing for Scientists

chapter 10

Links for Chapter 10. Papers and Conferences

TES poster
Poster for JPL's Tropospheric Emission Spectrometer that makes good use of white space. The layout helps communicate the ideas. There's still a bit of visual clutter, however. The box around the text in the middle of the poster is probably not necessary, nor is the oval around the words "Three Hypotheses".

Website where scientists post videos that their colleagues may find useful. Videos offer a high information rate and they are no longer expensive to make.  Is this the future of the scientific journal?

Amusing titles in scientific journals and article citation

Should you choose an amusing title for your paper?  Itay Sagi and Eldad Yechiam say probably not.

Attending a music biz conference? Here’s the REAL way to do it.

Article by Derek Sivers on how to behave at a conference–it applies just as well to scientific conferences.



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