Marketing for Scientists

chapter 12

Links for Chapter 12. Internet and E-mail Marketing

Mars Phoenix Lander on Twitter

The space probe that started speaking in first person–and attracted more than 100,000 followers.

Kate Mcalpine
Science Rapper and Youtube star Kate McAlpine. Credit: Telegraph.


Time-saving tool that lets you queue up your tweets in advance so you don’t have to log in every single day to maintain a social media presence. Other similar tools are SocialOomph and Tweetdeck (I used to prefer Tweetdeck but it tended to clutter my screen with error messages when I got disconnected.)

Social Media and Scientists

Jose Cornett’s fantastic collection of material about how scientists use social media.

Dan Zarella’s Blog

What time of day should you tweet?  (2:30pm EST) Should you use an exclamation point? (It’s a wash.) Dan Zarella has looked at the statistics of what tweets get retweeted and clicked on and answered dozens of fun questions like these.  One top tip: don’t forget to say “please”.

Building a Professional Looking Website Using WordPress

In this blog post, I explain how to build a website by sharing my most recent website building experience: the creation of this “Marketing for Scientists” site you’re reading right now.

What Do Your Colleagues Want To See On Your Website? Captions, Passion, and Generosity

We did a round-robin critique of each other’s websites on the Marketing for Scientists Facebook group.  Here’s what we learned.

Alexa’s Top Websites

A list of the world’s top websites, ranked by traffic.  Google and Facebook are the top two.

How to Raise Your Profile Using Social Media

A blog post by Olga Degteyareva (Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh) that explains why you need a web page, and a web presence, right now.  Overheard: “I have Googled the authors’ names and cited those who came up…”

Large Hadron Rap

Kate McAlpine’s video about the Large Hadron Collider collected more than 6 million views on Youtube and helped start the science music video trend.

Interview with Science Rapper Kate McAlpine

Kate explains how she did it and shares her thoughts on the science rap phenomenon.

My Email Newsletter

To stay in touch with country artists who might want to record my songs, I’ve sent out a monthly email newsletter with information they might find useful. Here’s an example mailing.  Note that I (tried to) avoid any hint of self-promotion; the marketing is in the goodwill, and my email signature.

U.S. Government Science Blogs

A partial list of the many Science and Technology blogs run by the U.S. federal government.

Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups

Here’s one marketing blogger’s guide to the differences between these tools.

Social Media for Scientists

Wiki launched at the University of Washington with handy social media resources.

Editing Wikipedia for Class Credit

Medical students at the University of California, San Francisco get course credit for editing Wikipedia.



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