Marketing for Scientists

chapter 2

Links for Chapter 2.  The Fundamental Theorem of Marketing

Marketing Myopia

Widely quoted article by Theodore Levitt arguing that businesses will fail in the long term unless they define themselves in terms of consumer needs–a concept that wasn’t understood in 1960.

I’ve taken this article as the basis for my preferred definition of the word “marketing”.  There are certainly many other definitions out there, but to my precisely honed scientific sensibilities, the alternatives seem uncomfortably vague.

Ice Cream ConeA Theory of Human Motivation

The classic paper by A.H. Maslow that introduced his “Hierarchy of Needs”.  It’s also interesting to read some of the criticism of this concept, e.g. in the wikipedia article about it.

Botanical Gardens Look for New Lures

New York Times article about how botanical gardens are rebranding themselves as foodie destinations. That’s one way to stay on top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Harvard has also gotten into the game of teaching science through food.


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