Marketing for Scientists


Links for the Introduction

locked door
Sometimes, building a career in science feels like facing a locked door.

University Endowments: Worst Year Since Depression

Article by Louis Lavelle in Bloomberg Businessweek about the recent plunge in university endowments; the worst since the great depression.

House Approves Flat 2011 Budget for Most Science Agencies

Science Insider article by by Jeffrey Mervis, Jocelyn Kaiser, and Eli Kintisch. Now, a few years later, Sequestration is causing drastic cuts to science budgets.


Representative Eric Cantor’s taxpayer funded website that asks voters to identify “wasteful spending that should be cut”.  The YouCut Citizen Review site includes a link to the NSF’s Award Search site, and a form for people to submit examples of science projects they would like to see cut.

Public Acceptance of Evolution

Jon D. Miller, Eugenie C. Scott and Shinji Okamoto’s article in Science describing a cross-national study of attitudes towards the theory of evolution.  “Over the past 20 years, the percentage of U.S. adults accepting the idea of evolution has declined from 45% to 40%…”

Scientists Join the Occupy Movement

Article about scientists who are reacting to diminished funding and employment opportunities by protesting in downtown Baltimore.

Interview with Jim Austin

Mobile Barcode
A mobile barcode. Scan this one with your smartphone and you’ll pull up this website.

Jim Austin, editor of Science Careers for AAAS, discusses the attitudes scientists have about the word “marketing”.

Marketing Your Science Using Mobile Barcodes

This blog post explains some of the different kinds of mobile barcodes, and talks about how they have been used to market science.   It’s an ongoing experiment.


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