Marketing for Scientists

chapter 3

Links for Chapter 3. How to Sell Something

Zen Salesman
A salesperson carries a good attitude and a prop. This cartoon is from, a handy blog about sales.

Salesmanship Lessons for Scientists from Steve Jobs

The late Apple cofounder was a master of optimism and enthusiasm.

Marriage Math

Psychology Today article about marriage that explains the disproportionate power of negative interactions–and the need for positive ones.  This imbalance also explains why committees (e.g. funding committees) tend to make the most boring, conver

How To Tell a Story

Ira Glass from NPR’s This American Life explains the essentials of storytelling.

Beauty in the Classroom: Professors’ Pulchritude and Putative Pedagogical Productivity

Article by Hamermesh and Parker about how “Instructors who are viewed as better looking receive higher instructional ratings”

Interview with Image Consultant Kasey Smith Part 1 and Part 2

Professional image consultant Kasey Smith has some tips for us scientists: make sure your clothes fit, that the colors of your clothing complement your skin, hair and eye color, and try adding a “third piece”.

What Should We Wear? Advice from Scientists About Clothing and Fashion

More handy fashion advice, courtesy of our colleagues.

A Tour of Physicist Brian Greene’s Home Office

This video from NPR’s science friday illustrates (incidentally) how the appearance of your office can be part of your sales strategy and brand.

Edmund ScientificXump  and Scale Model Company 

A few good sources of scientific props that can help you tell a story and start a conversation.

Wooly Mammoth 3D Anatomy model
The best props come from your own lab. But you can buy them too.

Advertising: Trying Harder

Time Magazine article about Avis rant-a-car’s endearing and groundbreaking slogan.  The origin of “positioning”.

An Interview with Madeleine Albright

The Former U.S. Secretary of State says that “women need to learn to interrupt.”

President Obama’s dance on the Ellen Degeneres Show

This youtube video illustrates the idea of “code switching”.

Interview with Nobel Laureate John Mather

John Mather, who was awarded the Nobel prize in Physics in 2006, talks about the importance of being humble–and learning about acting.



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