Marketing for Scientists

More Useful Links

Here are some more useful resources for scientists, contributed by members of the Marketing for Scientists Facebook group.

Association for Women in Science  fighting for equity and career advancement for women from the bench to the board room. Open to males too! (Kate Sleeth, City of Hope Cancer Center)

Astronomical Society of the Pacific’s Educational Resources Lots of useful material for astronomy teachers. (Andrew Fraknoi, Foothill College)

AstroBetter  Tips and tricks for professional astronomers. (Gregory Sivakoff, University of Alberta)

Biocareers Online job board and career service for life sciences graduates.  Cool blogs too. (Kate Sleeth, City of Hope Cancer Center)

Engage   Organization of graduate students at the University of Washington that discusses  how to explain scientific research to non-specialists; they started a speakers series and a graduate level class!  (Eric Hilton, University of Hawaii).

Explaining Research: References and Resources A vast list of resources for science communication (Dennis Meredith, author of Explaining Research)

4-DSystems  Science management consultants who use techniques developed at NASA.  (Charles Pellerin, author of How NASA Builds Teams)

Guide to Effective Marketing  Handy page of marketing resources from Squeezed Books. (Stacy Kozak’s Marketing Class, Portland, OR)

Inside Science News Service  The latest in science news (Emilie Lorditch, American Institute of Physics)

The International NanoScience Community Blog, Job Listings, and other Resources for the Nano-Scientists. (András Paszternák)

Jobs for PhDs Database of more than a thousand job listings, in and out of science research. (Stella Kafka, Carnegie Institute of Washington)

Kristen McArdle Dance An innovative dance company that partners with conservation organizations, marine research institutions, conservation biologists, museums and local businesses to raise environmental awareness through the arts. (Kristen McArdle)

Peaceful Productivity for Creative Types A blog where science research fellow Olga Degtyareva discusses how to stay balanced while chasing a science career. (Olga Degtyareva, University of Edinburgh)

PostDoc Journal A platform for addressing conceptual and practical issues that pertain to the postdoctoral experience (Hady Felfly, University of California San Francisco)

Resources for Women in Science The Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy of the American Astronomical Society offers tips on career issues, sexual harassment, and so on.  (Nancy Morrison, University of Toledo)

Science 2.0  Community of forward-thinking science blogs (Sandy Antunes,  science writer)

Science 3.0 Another science blog community! More bio+chemistry oriented, perhaps (Jeanne Garbarino, Rockefeller University).

SciFund  An experiment in crowdfunded science. (Jarrett Byrnes, National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis)

Seamless Astronomy  brings together astronomers, computer scientists, information scientists, librarians and visualization experts  to study and enable the next generation of online astronomical research.  (Alyssa Goodman, Harvard University)

Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips A crash course on Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, and so on from Mashable. (Stacy Kozak’s Marketing Class, Portland, OR)

Teaching Resources from the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative, including tips on how to make best use of a “clicker”. (Carolyn Sealfon, Princeton University)

The Thoreau Foundation  Offering grants and scholarships to leaders who will safeguard the environmental welfare of future generations (Jennifer Galvin, environmentalist and filmmaker)

WWT Ambassadors A visualization tool for making videos about astronomy that could be used in outreach, press releases, or professional communication. (Patricia Udomprasert, Harvard University)

And let me give thanks to the many scientists who have contributed ideas to Marketing for Scientists, including

Niayesh Afshordi (Perimter Institute), Charlene Anderson (the Planetary Society), Ted Bergin (University of Michigan), John Bochanski (Penn State), Adam Burgasser (MIT),  Matt Burleigh (University of Leicester), Lynn Cominsky (Sonoma State University),  John Debes (Space Telescope Science Institute), Rob Dunn (Biologist, writer, North Carolina State University),  Gary Ferland (University of Kentucky), Debra Fischer (Yale), Ori Fox (Goddard Space Flight Center) Dave Goldberg  (Drexel University), Craig Heinke (University of Alberta),

Dean Hines (Space Telescope Science Institute) Lisa Kaltennegger (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics– Lisa would like feedback on her website, by the way!), Stanimir Metchev (University of Stony Brook),  Rob Olling (University of Maryland), Eric Perlman (Florida Institute of Technology),  Sean Raymond (Labortoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeax), Hanno Rein (Princeton Institute for Advanced Study), Erin Ryan (University of Minnesota),  Ata Sarajedini (University of Florida), Sara Seager (MIT), Ethan Siegel (astrophysicist, science writer), Keivan Stassun (Vanderbilt University), Inge Loes ten Kate (University of Oslo),  Robert Vanderbei (Princeton University), Kevin Ward (Goddard Space Flight Center) Phil Yock (University of Auckland)


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