Marketing for Scientists: How to Shine in Tough Times


Postdocs can’t find jobs.  Funding is scarce.  And anti-science sentiments seem rampant in the media.

Times may be hard for scientists.  But I think we can keep the light of science shining and find the careers we want using techniques from business and marketing, like branding, salesmanship, and social media.  Marketing for Scientists is devoted to helping scientists learn these tools and apply them to win jobs and grants, improve the culture of science, and help shape the public debate.

Marketing for Scientists is a collaborative project.  We’ve collected ideas through a Facebook group, a blog, and a series of professional development workshops for graduate students, postdocs, doctors, engineers, and senior scientists.  If you are a Facebook person, please join the discussion on the Facebook group, and help us figure out how to do this better!  If you’re not into Facebook, please enjoy the blog and the links, and don’t hesitate to make comments or send suggestions.   You may also enjoy the Marketing for Scientists book published by Island Press (now available at or Barnes and Noble).

Here are some of the many scientists and other experts who have contributed ideas through the Facebook group: Jennifer Nuzzo, Sandy Antunes, Daniel Pendick, Ruslan Belikov, Nicholas Suntzeff, Malcolm Fridlund, Luisa Rebull, Amy Lo, Heidi Hammel, Adam Burgasser, Angela Speck, Agnes Kim, Dan Vergano, and Michael Lemonick.   The group admins (past and present) are Stella Kafka, Amber Straughn, Sara Seager, Amir Give’on, Peter Ong Lim and Zoe Fonseca-Kelly.  Stella Kafka, Amil Patel, Evgenya Shkolnik, Kevin Fisher, Marc Postman, Ori Fox, Mario Perez, Dennis Bodewitts, Kelle Cruz, Stuart Vogel and Bernadette Vadurro helped me develop the workshops.

Many other colleagues have contributed to the project via interviews or by commenting on drafts of the book: Kelly O’Brien, Jennifer Wiseman, Jon Gardner, Mario Perez, Cole Miller, Rita Sambruna, Rachel Anderson, Paolo Tozzi, Fergal Mullally, Andrew Youdin, Mark Shelhamer, Pamela Millar, Lucy McFadden, Amy Simon-Miller, Sarah Stewart-Mukhopadhyay, Thayne Currie, Aki Roberge, Chris Stark, Hannah Jang-Condell, Ruslan Belikov, Sally Heap, Laura Giza, David Leisawitz, Phyllis Bernstein, Bill Danchi, Malcolm Neidner, Ken Carpenter, Chris Mooney, Chris Lintott, Derek Sivers, Jeremy Kasdin, Anand Sivaramakrishnan, Michael Liu, Rich Townsend, Subhanjoy Mohanty, Paul Kalas, Andrea Dupree, Shri Kulkarni, Steve Kilston, Jim Austin, John Debes, Anne Kinney, Mike Cresswell, David Leckrone, Harold Marshall, David Seiler, Robert Naeye, Frank Reddy, Jennifer Ouellette, Shai Oster, George Musser, John Marburger III, Nell Greenfield-Boyce, David Wilcove, Dennis Overbye, John Mather, Joshua Wurman, Randall Larsen, Jay Morris, Robert Thompson, Cristina Eisenberg, Erika Nesvold, Markos Georganopoulos, Dana Berry, Deborah Leckband, Pensri Ho, Irene Klotz, Katherine McAlpine, Will Barras, Genevive Bjorn, David Goldhaber, Mark Kushner, David Pinsky, Dovie Wylie, Joan Kuchner, Rita Colwell, Ludmilla Kolokolova, Bill Reach and Robert Walker.

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Marc Kuchner is an astrophysicist and country songwriter. This website represents his views as a citizen, not as a NASA employee. You can read an interview with Kuchner in Nature Materials, follow him on Twitter or email him at



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